Light's speciality is to show every splendour we know in our lives. Everything we know would look different without it, foremost everything would be black. In "paradis en reveille" I want to show this function by using one of nature's most special creatures: blue morphos.
This butterfly is so special because of its wings, which are iridescent blue coloured.
 Actually, the wings aren't coloured at all. The structure of cells on the wings of the morpho are translucent and placed in a way they can produce colour variations between purple and blue when the light hits them. I designed a technique to extract these cells from the wings to be able to catch this splendorous light effect and so to be able to print with light. 
I combined my cell peel-off technique with screenprinting and transferred the morpho cells onto silk, which has resulted in a necklace enabling you to wear light. 

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