Nowadays it's not our daily priority to zoom in on small details. We tend to look at the bigger picture, without knowing what parts and details it's made of. Traffic rushing, news buzzing and phones ringing, occupying our minds and blurring the images of the poetry of all thing small and almost unnoticeable.

Terra Incognita is a series of "outer worldly" still lifes zooming in on this delicate form of poetry. Sometimes inspired on real phenomena, sometimes inspired on imagination and dreams, it reminds us of the importance of wonder and the beauty of all things small. In ''we're both imperfect" we see a broken cabbage white resting on a dying plant, showing the perfection imperfection can make. "The fly's last moment" shows the moment just before the Venus flytrap shuts and eats its prey, the flies in this still life seem to say goodbye to each other as if they know what is coming. In "I want to be like you" a praying mantis is mimicking an orchid. "Dinner party" shows a gathering of blue mint beetles. And "live curious" shows a little girl playing kite with a butterfly.

These still lifes take place in acrylic boxes, which forms the protection for these delicate structures. Terra incognita is an ongoing growing series, every now and then a new scene is added, always consisting out of golden plants or other effigies accompanied by real insects all telling another story.

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Matilde Boelhouwer ©